Managed IT Services

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Managed IT Services

How important is your network’s reliability? The answer is the same for all businesses: extremely. That’s why you quickly need to know when something goes wrong. But planning, building, maintaining and managing your network infrastructure is a resource- and cost-intensive responsibility.

Our Managed Ottawa IT Services Team give you all the advantages of a fully managed network solution without the capital expenditures and resource limitations. In addition to designing and building a network infrastructure to support your business strategy, our experts also manage day-to-day maintenance, proactively monitor your network environment and rapidly respond to potential problems. The result? Your organization mitigates network failures, enjoys augmented internal capacity and benefits from detailed network performance reports – while retaining control of your network.

The Benefits

Our Managed Network Services enable you to:

Extend your IT capabilities without increasing your headcount or making capital-intensive investments Increase productivity and customer loyalty by improving your network performance Reduce network downtime by relying on Allstream to proactively monitor your network and fix problems before they affect your business Monitor network performance with extensive web-based performance reports that chart network volume, health, data quality and utilization Reduce costs by outsourcing network management rather than maintaining internal monitoring tools and network professionals

Maximizing Value For Your Business:

Implement A Total Solution

From basic services to a complete custom solution, DNSnetworks’ expertise in designing, installing, managing and maintaining your network infrastructure facilitates worry-free networking, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Control Costs and Reduce Your Total Cost of Ownership

Our investment in Network Management systems and formal vendor education for our networking professionals requires less direct investment from you to achieve an expertly managed, high performance infrastructure.


With flexible service, you have numerous options and easy upgrades to ensure greater network efficiency and availability. We have the capabilities to manage any network, large or small, to complement your evolving requirements.

Focus on Your Core Competencies

Relying on our network management expertise allows you to direct precious IT resources toward strategic initiatives.

Maintain Control

We provide you with a secured Web portal to view your open issues, network events and network performance reports, giving you the information you need to make informed network planning decisions.

Guaranteed Performance

Our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) ensure that our high-level commitments to you continue to be met.


Our professionals analyze your needs and recommend a solution designed for your unique business activities. We combine best practices, advanced technology, world-class tools, expert technical professionals, proactive network management and support services to ensure worry-free management for any or all aspects of your network.

Dependable Support

MailStratus delivers world-class monitoring and management from our state-of-the-art Enterprise Management Centres to ensure network infrastructure support 24/7/365.

MailStratus guarantees and backs up our promise to give businesses the highest level of service and support for your business.

For more information about Managed Network Services and other managed services, contact our sales engineers at [email protected], or call us at +1.866.720.7162.

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