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Cloud-based Microsoft Exchange business email from the world’s largest independent Canadian provider.

Service Security & Scalability

When choosing a Hosted Exchange provider, MailStratus’ MailStratus™ branded Microsoft Exchange email hosting service would require consistent high I/O rates under any load condition and sustained deterministic data transfer rates as well as the ability to accommodate growing volumes of data across hundreds and eventually thousands of mailboxes. We have chosen the best-of-class technologies to ensure the highest levels of service security and scalability.

Microsoft Service Provider Agreement

MailStratus is a part of the Microsoft Service Provider Agreement, which means our clients can take advantage of low cost monthly pricing for enteprise class services. We offer our businesses with the same benefits of software vendors with a lower up-front cost. We give you access to all Microsoft software licenses for your term agreement at a low monthly fee.

Ironport Email Security Appliances

MailStratus only uses Cisco’s award winning Ironport Email Security appliances for their messaging needs. Cisco has established itself as the defacto standard in nearly every aspect of the enterprise network topology. Cisco Ironport Email security solutions provide outstanding protection to our organization as well protection our remote client email systems.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server Applications

Research in Motion trusts MailStratus to host the BlackBerry Enterprise Server applications for its customers. This partnership enables MailStratus to offer a high quality service to mobile users having subscribed to MailStratus’ MailStratus™ branded Microsoft Exchange email hosting service

Supports RedHat Linux

MailStratus supports Red Hat Linux for both its shared hosting and dedicated hosting customers. Red Hat is one of the larger and more recognized companies dedicated to open source software. The company, best known for its enterprise-class operating system Red Hat Enterprise Linux, provides operating system platforms along with middleware, applications, and management solutions, as well as support, training, and consulting services.

Brocade's fiber infrastructure products

MailStratus uses Brocade’s award-winning innovative fiber infrastructure products to supply its customers with highly reliable and secure data center connectivity. Brocade leeds the industry in providing comprehensive network solutions that help organizations transition to a virtualized world. MailStratus’ Brocade fiber channel storage backbone provides unmatched scalability, performance and reliability to our hosted cloud applications.

Juniper's Perimeter Security Defence Appliances

MailStratus’s relies solely on Juniper’s perimeter security defence appliances to provide fast, reliable, and secure access to application and services to our infrastructure. Our firewall and VPN security is specifically designed to deliver high-performance to both our datacenters and remote client office locations.

Citrix's Cortex Cloud Hosting Panel

MailStratus is a strong provider of hosting and cloud computing. Our clients leverage Citrix technology for the complete Cloud application management portfolio. Our Citrix’s Cortex Cloud Hosting Panel provides our clients with a single portal to manage all their hosted applications under one umbrella. Log into your panel today!

VMware vSphere

MailStratus’ Datacenters have been architected using the latest cutting edge technologies by VMware vSphere. VMware offers the highest levels of availability and responsiveness and is the most trusted virtualization platform for building cloud infrastructures.

Enterprise grade HP proliant servers

MailStratus’s entire hosted infrastructure is solely built from Enterprise grade HP proliant servers. HP Proliant servers provide the highest level of efficiency, insight and control. HP delivers decades of engineering and integration experience designed to speed the implementation of new business computing technology.

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